Fixed Price Support Contracts

SRH International Ltd provides tailor made support contracts to ensure you receive the coverage required within a pre-agreed budget however we offer the three standard packages below for easy comparison and understanding of the products.
Every support contract include the following benefits
     - Regular equipment review for upcoming regulations
     - Technical advice for remote repair or diagnosis
     - 24/7 service support telephone contact
     - Annual or pre-dry dock budgetary advice
     - Collection, analysis and presentation of all services and costs
     - Supply of SBM certificate

Mandatory Survey Agreement

Mandatory Survey Agreement

SRH International record and track the renewal dates of any required surveys arranging in the most convenient location, avoiding last minute panics or excessive costs.  SRH International’s database ensures any attending technician is approved by the relevant equipment manufacturer and/or the classification society.
    •GMDSS Radio Survey
    •EPIRB Inspection
    •AIS Inspection
    •SSAS Inspection (if required by flag state)
    •(S)VDR Annual Performance Test
    •(S)VDR Certificate Of Compliance

Planned Preventative Maintenance Agreement

With proper planned overhauls and spare replacements the chance of an unplanned failure or breakdown can be vastly reduced.  SRH tracks all replacement dates and arranges those replacements and overhauls within a fixed fee for easy forecasting of the vessels budget
     •All required surveys
     •Gyro overhaul and overhaul kit
     •X & S Band radar inspections and magnetron replacement
     •ECDIS inspection and software update
     •Replacement of EPIRB and SART batteries
     •Replacement of VDR batteries and acoustic beacon
     •Replacement of any other consumable items as required

Full Repair and Maintenance Agreement

Even with the best preventative maintenance program failures will still occur.  A full Repair and Maintenance Agreement from SRH provides technical assistance and if still required will arrange a technician to attend with spares.  SRH covers all costs within a fixed annual fee reducing your pre and post service administration allowing your staff to concentrate on more critical activities.


     •All required surveys

     •Planned Preventative Maintenance

     •All spares required for repair

     •All onboard labour required for repair

     •Travel from the nearest OEM approved service supplier

     •Dedicated single point of contact for all services

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